The Right Now

The Right Now is a play about holding on tightly to the life you love.


It’s senior year, and Saicha and Asher are in a serious relationship. But Asher hasn’t told Saicha that his father is moving the family to Germany. When Saicha finds out, she confronts him.


But Asher has a plan. He’s not leaving. And he and Saicha will get to stay together forever.


Then Asher’s plan starts to unravel. And Saicha has to make a choice between her love for Asher and the rest of time and space.



The Right Now is a dramatic play for high school students with a science fiction twist, originally presented at Friends Academy with a cast of 24 actors.




















To download a perusal script of Act 1click here


Cast Requirements:

Original version:

6 Males, 10 Females, 3 Flexible

Room for a small ensemble


Doubling is possible



Version for Twelve Actors:

5 Males, 7 Females

(Doubling necessary)


90 minutes


To inquire about a production, click here.

Saicha and Ellie
Saicha and Asher
Dominick harassing Jackson in class
The graveyard

n d r e w   G e h a