The Dragon

A Dragon is terrorizing the kingdom.


The young Queen Everil is inexperienced and lacks her people's confidence.

The squire, Naren, lacks his own confidence, and is afraid to stand up for himself.


The village girl, Taisya, is told by everyone that she has no place in the battle.


If the kingdom is to survive, these three will have to face their fears and confront the Dragon.


But the Dragon knows they are coming.

It's waiting for them.










Note: This album is a rough demo of music from The Dragon. It includes the six major songs from the show. One song is reprised, but the reprise is not a part of this recording.






















To download a perusal script of the first five scenes, click here.


Cast Requirements:
54 Speaking roles
Doubling is possible

17 Female

11 Male
26 Flexible


Possible Chorus

90 Minutes


Vocal and Piano Score available.


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Taisya, Queen Everil, and Naren
The Council
Wen and Naren
The Dragon

n d r e w   G e h a