Standing in the Current

2018 AWARD WINNER of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education's Unpublished Play Reading Project.


Leo, Cally, Felix, and Maggie arrive on a beautiful island that offers them the peace that they have been searching the world for. But in order to know peace, they must first find themselves, confront their fears, and learn the truth about an island that doesn’t appear on any maps.


Standing in the Current began as a project to further the conversations about LGBTQ+ identities at my school. It became a story of a group of young people that span across the gender and sexuality spectrum who are trying to come to terms with who they are, how the world has treated them, and how they can live their lives as their authentic selves. 



























Click here for a perusal of Act 1 (Dropbox Link).


Cast Requirements:

8 Males, 14 Females


2 hours, 20 minutes



Full Vocal and Piano Score

Orchestra score for:

Violin I

Violin II







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The Three Sisters, "A Little Peace"
Cally, "The Words Don't Stop"
Felix, "Harbor"
Maggie and Leo
Emerson and Felix
Cally and the Creature
Emmerson and Felix, "Fly to You"

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