WINNER of the New England Theatre Conference's 2018 Aurand Harris Memorial Playwriting Award!



In Dreams, I Am Invincible begins after a bullying incident. Jonas is determined to avoid school tomorrow. When two creatures appear in his room and invite him into a dream, Jonas thinks he’s found his ticket out. But what starts as an adventure quickly turns violent. And soon Jonas realizes that he’s trapped… and he's in someone else’s dream.


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70-80 minutes.


Cast Requirements

24 Characters

Expanding possible

10 Females

6 Males

8 Characters of flexible gender


Suitable for middle school and older.


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Nik and Jonas (Friends Academy)
Nik and the girls (Friends Academy)
Nik and the girls (Hunter College High School)
The Clowns (Friends Academy)
August and Rot (Friends Academy)
August (Hunter College High School)
Bigfoot (Friends Academy)

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