Extraordinary is a rock musical about four high school students whose dreams for the future are falling apart. 


Before they hit rock bottom, there is an accident.  And waking up, they find themselves in a world where their wildest dreams have come true.


But something is lurking in the shadows. And the students are faced with a choice -  face their fears head on or try to escape reality all together.






























To download an Act 1 Perusal Script, click here.


Cast Requirements:
30 Speaking roles
(doubling possible)

17 Female

8 Male
6 Flexible
Expandable Chorus

2 hours, 10 minutes



Vocal score

Lead guitar

Rhythm guitar



Rhythm piano (for one chart)


Full piano score available


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Seth, "I've Forgotten How to Dream"
Codi, "The Cure"
Taryn and Nate
Meg, Taryn, and Allie, "You'll See Me"

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