On this page are links to scenes I have written for the classroom.


While searching for new material to use in class, I regularly run into three major issues:


1. Scenes that are simplistic and talk down to students


2. Scenes that are filled with curses and other content I cannot use in my classroom.


3. Scenes that are too long.


The scenes available here don't hide from content, but they also don't wallow in it. They aim to dramatize conflicts that students encounter and can relate to.


The high school scenes are two to four pages long.

The middle school scenes are one to two pages.

(There are some exceptions). The uniform length is based off of the need for multiple groups to rehearse and perform in one forty-minute class period.


I love these scenes and I love working with students with them. They offer multiple levels of challenge based on the variety of skills in a typical classroom.


Download the script for free. If you feel moved to throw me a little money for them, you are invited to also click the Paypal button. Why do this? I am a fan of Amanda Palmer, who advocates making art available and letting fans pay what they want for it. My goal is to make useful classroom materials available to teachers and students. If, in the process, I make a few dollars, terrific.




(Scenes updated with new material, July 2022)

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