An original four episode miniseries.



"Sometimes good things fall apart                                                     

                                                  so better things can fall together."



We couldn't make theater this year, so we made some TV!


n d r e w   G e h a

The Trailer

Episode 101: "Follow"

A note on our COVID protocols: Everyone on set was fully masked at all times. Each shot was focused on a single actor. When cameras started rolling, the actor (and only that actor) removed their mask. Shots where more than one actor appear unmasked are

a composite of two (or more) shots edited together to create the illusion of a live conversation.

Episode 102: "飞蛾投火”

(“Like A Moth Flying Into The Fire”)

Episode 103: "Le Grand Mal"

(“The Desperate Disease”)

Episode 104: "Good Things Fall Apart"