Andrew Geha is a writer, theater teacher, and director. He teaches middle and high school theater at Friends Academy, a Quaker school in Locust Valley, NY.  


He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Acting and a Master's Degree in Educational Theater, both from New York University.  Prior to coming to Friends Academy in 2001, Andrew worked as the Artist-in-Residence at the Delaware Theatre Company, where he coordinated the Delaware Young Playwrights Festival.  


His work has been produced internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and by Theatre Fun in Essex, England.


[His last name is pronounced with a soft G, like giraffe: JEE-haa.]



Contact Me:

Due to an overwhelming amount of spam, I have disabled the "contact me" feature on this website.


People interested in learning more about about my work or licensing it can email me directly at andrewgeha [at] gmail [dot] com.


Andrew Geha

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