248 Miles

A month ago, Mikaela attempted suicide.


Now, she is transitioning back to school, reconnecting to her friends and teachers despite the distance she feels from them. But Mikaela is far from the only one struggling. Everyone is feeling disconnected. And everyone is blind to the support that is much closer than they realize.


An ensemble cast drama for high school about mental health, social isolation, and grief, with a hint of magical realism.





















Cast Requirements:

Original script:

10 Males, 15 Females



Expanded script:

12 Males, 20 Females, 3 Flexible


Room for a small ensemble


120 minutes


For a perusal of Act 1, click here.


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Adrian, Kharen, and Mikaela
Ozzy and Turner
The Academic Team (Hazel comforting Alphie)

n d r e w   G e h a